7 Amazing Content Ideas You Can Implement Today!

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In 2019 most people can agree that social media has become a massive part of our lives. This is why it is now more important than ever, for businesses to have a strong presence online. Marketing on social media is vastly different to traditional media marketing. People visit social media to be social. They can catch up with friends and family, be inspired or entertained and see the latest news updates. They do not want to be bombarded with hard-sell style ads like those seen in traditional media like TV and radio. This is why businesses must engage in content marketing. But what exactly is content marketing? Content marketing involves creating and sharing online material such as videos, blogs, and social media posts. These posts do not explicitly promote a brand or business but instead generate interest in its products and/or services. If this is starting to sound overwhelming, never fear, here are 7 amazing content ideas you can implement today!

1. Tips and Tricks

Share a helpful tip or trick with your followers showing how your product or service can improve their life. Providing high value information is a key element of content marketing. Show your followers you’re not just interested in making a quick sale but actually improving their lives. This will increase your know, like and trust fact and also position you as an industry leader.

2. Customer Reviews/Testimonials

Social proof is extremely important online. People want to know that they are buying from reputable, trustworthy businesses. Sharing customer reviews and testimonials will boost your reputation and increase your trust factor. If you’re not in the habit of collecting testimonials, make it a priority, stat!

3. Behind the scenes shots/videos

Most people are curious by nature and love to have a peak behind the curtain. Snap up a behind the scenes photo or video of your product/service and give your followers a look behind the scenes. This could be a video showing how your product is made or it could be something as simple as a sneak peak of new stock that’s about to be released! Either way, people love to have an inside scoop!

4. Flat Lay Photos

Flat lay photography has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. A flat lay is a birds eye view photo of a collection of items laid out on a flat surface. There is typically a ‘hero’ item that is the main focal point of the shot, complementary by a collection of other items. This style of photography is super chic, stylish and inspirational so get creative and showcase your hottest products.

5. Answer a FAQ

Frequently asked questions can be extremely valuable pieces of content for you to share on social media. Create a series of posts answering your most asked questions. This will be greatly appreciated by your followers and allow you to be seen as an expert in your field.

6. Contests/Giveaways

Everyone loves the opportunity to win something! Running a contest/giveaway will generate lots of interest and excitement amongst your followers and can in turn allow you to showcase your product or service to an engaged audience. Examples of giveaways you can run include; caption contests, creative photo contests, sweepstake contests and fill in the blanks contests to name a few.

7. Funny Meme/Quote

Who doesn’t like to have a good laugh? People love to be entertained on social media. Share a funny meme or quote relevant to your industry. Giving your followers a good laugh will increase your chances of having your content shared which in turn can help build your brand awareness and reach.

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