How To Set Social Media Goals That Will Get You REAL Results

Goal setting in general is a task that is commonly avoided. When it comes time to sitting down and writing out goals, it can be easy to procrastinate and convince ourselves that there are other more pressing tasks that need to be done within our business. However, setting social media goals is a crucial step in developing a sound digital strategy. Not only will having defined goals keep you on track but they will help you formulate a clear plan, measure ROI and generate real results.

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How to set social media goals

I recommend setting yearly goals and then breaking these down into quarterly and monthly goals. From there, these goals can be broken down even further into weekly and daily action items. Breaking down your goals will help you avoid overwhelm and keep you motivated for the long run. Social media goals, like all other goals should be SMART. Most of us have likely heard of the SMART acronym. SMART stands for:

Specific – Your goals should be clearly defined in simple terms.

Measurable – You should be able to measure and track your results

Attainable – Your goals should be achievable with the resources you have available.

Relevant – Your goals should be relevant and in line with your business’ mission.

Timely – Your goals should have a clear deadline for when they should be achieved

An example of a not-so-great social media goal could sound something like this: Increase online product sales. This is too vague and difficult to measure. A SMART goal would be: Increase online product sales by 20% in the next 3 months. This goal is clearly defined, achievable and relevant with a specific benchmark and time-frame. Setting SMART social media goals will allow you to take create a clear road map for your business and generate real results.

Define your metrics

Once you have your goals, your next step should be to define your metrics. How will you measure the success of each goal. If your goal is based around increasing awareness, you could measure reach, impressions and fan/follower count. If you are trying to increase thought leadership then you should look at post engagement, follower/media mentions and amount of content created. If it’s increased sales you’re striving for you can look at the number of link clicks, website hits, emails, phone calls and direct messages received. Whatever your goal is, matching it to the right metrics is crucial for measuring ROI.

Monitor and review your progress

Regularly reviewing and monitoring your progress will keep you accountable and on track. If something is not working or generating an ROI for your business, modify your strategy and keep persisting. Do this and you’ll be sure sure to generate real results and success for your business!

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