How to Grow Your Instagram Following in 2020

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You’ve got your IG set up, your content planned, and your camera phone ready for your next post. The only things missing are your followers. Where are they?  

Next to Facebook, Instagram is one of the most engaged social networks and photo/video-sharing sites online.

From 700 million users in 2017, the network managed to reel in 1 billion monthly active users in 2019. 90 per cent of these users follow at least one business profile on the network. Additionally, most IG profiles had a follower growth rate of approximately 9 per cent to 16 per cent in the first half of 2019, making IG the most popular influencer marketing platform.

What do these statistics mean for businesses? You have more opportunities to market your products, connect with your audience, and discover passionate brand advocates. That is —of course— if you could grow your Insta followers and become more visible on the network.  How to do that?


Are you ready to take your Instagram Marketing to the next level?


Post high-quality images and exciting captions to go with them

If you’re posting low-quality photos on Insta, chances are you’re not getting any followers and engagement at all.

Instagram users love visually appealing content. Consider posting high-quality images and high-definition videos. To make your posts even more attractive for your Insta-audience, write engaging captions. Don’t be afraid to tell a story or create long captions.

Instagram users are big on authenticity, and one of the most effective ways to show this is through your captions. Let them learn about your brand, mission, and advocacies.    


Plan the look of your IG feed and make them follow-worthy

More often than not, your profile will appear on the related accounts suggestions of users. You’d want to make sure to create a great impression when they visit your profile.

How your feed looks play a significant role in enticing users to follow you. Post content regularly. A feed that hasn’t been updated in a while won’t convince users to hit the “Follow” button. Additionally, a cohesive theme or look for your feed could help users remember you and want your post to be part of their home feed.


Master storytelling through IG Stories

IG Stories are a big hit that brands are capitalising on them. In 2019, there were over 500 million DAILY users of IG stories.

This is the part of Instagram where you could be more creative in your posts without worrying about spoiling the look of your feed. Your IG Story could also be more interactive as you could ask questions, create polls, add music, and use GIFs and memes.

The more frequent you post IG stories, the more visible you will be to your target users, and the higher the chances that they will follow you.

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Choose the right hashtags

When used right, hashtags could help bring your posts in front of your target audience and users that are most likely to follow you.

Take time to evaluate hashtags that are relevant to your brand. For your posts to rank better and grab the attention of users, consider having a balanced mix of popular and targeted hashtags.

Remember, millions of posts use popular hashtags. Competing for attention with this type of hashtags alone could be futile. While targeted hashtags won’t have as many posts as their popular counterpart, they give your posts a higher chance of ranking as “top posts.” As a result, your posts get the attention they need to help you increase your followers and engagement.  


Make the most of your bio

Think of your bio as your website. Make sure it has keywords that users often use to find and follow brands like you. Additionally, don’t forget to have a fantastic profile photo. You could use your logo or an image of your latest product. The key is to use a picture that your followers would easily remember you for.     


Collaborate with influencers and micro-influencers

Expand your reach by working with influencers.

Influencers are Instagram users with a large and very engaged following. They could help you connect with your target audience, make your brand more visible on the platform, and build trust.

Instagram is a powerful platform for your company. It’s a great avenue to advertise your products, talk about your business, and increase brand awareness. However, more than all these things, don’t forget that Instagram is all about developing and nurturing your community. Build your community by offering your audience authentic, relevant, and exciting posts. 

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