Stuck on Instagram Content Ideas? Here are 34 Content Ideas to Get You Noticed on the ‘Gram


Are you stuck on creating content for Instagram? You could copy what everyone else is doing or plan incredible content, grow your followers, influence and authority in your space.

When it comes to Instagram, posting content regularly is a must. And let’s face it, it can get challenging just thinking about what type of content to put out there that your followers will like.

Are you running out of ideas? Here are 34 content ideas to keep your creativity flowing and fill your Instagram feed.

Everyday Life

Nurture your relationships with your followers by giving them a peek into your business’s daily operations. Doing so helps humanise your brand and shows a different perspective into your business.


1. Behind the Scenes — Give a sneak peek into your operations department.

2. Room/Office Tour — Show them where ideas are conceptualised

3. Daily Hashtag — Daily hashtags like #MondayMotivation #FridayNight #SundaySlowDown shows a more relaxed side of your brand.


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Show Your Expertise

Share your knowledge and industry experience to show your followers you’re truly an expert in the field. This type of content helps develop trust and loyalty to your company.


4. Question and Answer — Do an “Ask Me Anything” IG story or post and answer the questions sent by your followers

5. Answer a question that’s frequently asked in your industry.

6. Share a how-to video

7. Post an Infographic

8. Share an exciting industry fact or statistics

9. Post a tip or solution to a common problem experienced by your followers


Positivity and motivational messages are popular on Instagram. These posts often receive high engagement among users.bHelp your followers get out of a rut and have a good day with inspiring messages.


10. Inspirational/Motivational quotes

11. Affirmations and Mantras

12. Share a happy story

13. Post positive customer feedback

14. Talk about a person or individual you look up to

15. Share how you got your business started

16. Share a personal success story

Let Your Followers Join the Fun

Boost your engagement on Instagram by encouraging your followers to leave a comment or respond to your posts.


17. Do a poll on your IG Story then share it as a post on your feed

18. This or That — Let your followers choose between two options

19. Complete the Sentence or fill in the blank — Give your followers something fun or exciting to think about.

20. Guessing Game — Show your followers a box and asked them to guess what’s inside. Bonus: Consider making this a giveaway, and you’ll see your engagement soar!

21. Game, Raffle, or Giveaway — A gift or a freebie is a great motivator. This could also help spark interests in your products.

Timely Content

Holidays and trending topics also have high engagement on Instagram. Make sure to join the conversation and celebration with your followers.


22. Federal Holidays

23. Religious Holidays

24. Weird and fun holidays — Did you know that holidays like National Spaghetti Day, National Cat Day, and National Rubber Ducky Day actually exist? If your brand personality matches with a specific holiday, consider creating a post about it.

25. Trending topics — Show your followers you’re up-to-date with the latest buzz! For instance, this year’s Super Bowl Halftime show had made the rounds online, and the world talked about it for a few days. If one of your brand’s advocacy is women empowerment, then a post about J.Lo’s and Shakira’s performance wouldn’t have hurt and could’ve given you some visibility on the Gram.

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Don’t be afraid to promote your business on Instagram. Worried that you might be tagged as spam? The key is to create a balance between your promotional posts and the other types of content you share 


26. Unboxing — This is a great post when you’re launching a new product. Show your followers first-hand what they could get.

27. Share one of your blogs

28. Let them know what makes your products or services stand out

29. Do you have an ongoing sale? Let your followers know about them and direct them to your website

30. Share a discount code

31. Post an exclusive offer for your followers

32. Promote your website, newsletter, and other social networks

33. Create a post about your bestsellers

34. If you’re offering a free e-book or other types of digital content, share the link with your customers

There you have it! Try all these content suggestions, and you’ll have your content calendar filled for a month — without ever repeating an idea.

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