EP 102: New Instagram Updates & Features You NEED to know!

This year, Instagram has rolled out some pretty exciting new updates and features to enhance your experience on the platform. From expanding link options to adding new editing tools, Instagram is continually evolving to meet the needs of users. If you’re interested in...

EP 101: Instagram Hacks: Separating the Useful from the Useless

In today's episode, I'm talking all about Instagram Hacks. Specifically, I’ll be separating the useful from the totally useless so if you’re ready to learn what’s actually working when it comes to marketing on Instagram, HIT PLAY!  RESOURCES MENTIONED Social...

EP 100: How to CRUSH Instagram Reels in 2023 (Even if you’re an introvert)

In this episode of Instagram for Bosses I share how to CRUSH your Instagram reels in 2023, even if you’re an introvert, so if you’re ready to start creating engaging reels that stand out and get real results, HIT PLAY! RESOURCES MENTIONED...
How to get featured on the Instagram explore page

How to get featured on the Instagram explore page

The explore page is a section within the app where Instagram curates and recommends a collection of content it believes you will be interested in. Essentially it’s curated based on how you interact on the app. So, why do you want your content to be featured here?

Well the answer to that is pretty simple. Having your content shown on the explore page will give you exposure to more people. This helps to boost your engagement, increase your followers and if you’ve been strategic about the content you’ve shared and included a call to action, it can also help to increase your conversions.

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