How to Create the PERFECT Instagram Bio (Get More Followers and Clients)

When it comes to attracting ideal clients and customers to your Instagram page, your Instagram bio is one of the most valuable pieces of real estate on the app for you to do this. A common mistake I see business owners make is they overlook their bio and jump straight into creating posts and reels. Don’t get me wrong, creating high-quality content is important, however having an optimised bio plays a crucial part in someone’s decision to follow you or not. Let me explain.

Think of your Instagram bio as your shop front. It’s the first thing people see when they land on your profile. When you’re out shopping, what entices you to walk into a shop? Usually, the shop front displays the store’s best and most attractive items. Maybe they even have signs out the front, enticing passers-by with an exciting offer or sale. This is how you should think of your Instagram bio. You want to showcase the best and most enticing aspects of your business, right? 

So let’s discuss the steps you can take to actually do that. 

1. Use your Instagram username to be the name of your business or your personal name if you run a personal brand. 

Honestly, most people have this step-down pat. When choosing your Instagram handle or username, simple is best. Keep your name simple and recognizable so that it’s easy for people to find you. If the name you want is taken, you can try adding a period or underscore, your business location, or your niche.  

2. Optimise your Instagram name with keywords.  

Did you know that your Instagram name is searchable? This means that using targeted keywords relevant to your business will help clients and customers discover your page via Instagram’s search function. A mistake I see many business owners make is that they simply use their name (if they’re a personal brand) or the name of their company if they run a business in this section of their bio. Since your Instagram username is already your business name, this space can be used to make your profile more searchable.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with including your name here but most importantly, you should add keywords specific to what your business does. The best way to choose these keywords is to think about what your customers would be searching in Google to find your services. Here’s an example. You’re a freelance bridal hairstylist and your business name is Hair by Aria. Your Instagram username is the name of your business “Hair by Aria” and your Instagram name is Aria | Sydney Wedding Hairstylist. 

Here’s another example of a product-based business. You have an online store called Salt and Sand. You sell homewares for people who love coastal style. Your username is your business name: Salt and Sand. Your Instagram name could be Coastal Homewares and Decor. You can see from these examples that these keywords are exactly what someone would search on Google to find services or products like these. So do some keyword research and get to optimising this space.

3. Choose an appropriate profile picture.

Your profile picture is the image that people use to identify your brand and as such, should be a symbolic representation of your business. If you’re a personal brand like a coach or influencer, you should use a picture of yourself! Make sure the picture is zoomed in enough so people can see your face. A great way to make your profile image stand out is to add a block color background behind you. I recommend using one of your brand colours here to help with brand recognition. You can create these profile images really quickly and easily using something like Canva, which makes it super easy to remove the background of your photo in one click. From there, all you need to do is add your background color and export the image. If you run a business page, simply a high res version of your company logo as your profile picture. Again this will help customers or clients to quickly and easily recognise your brand.  


4. Write a description of your business that attracts dream clients and customers and entices them to follow your page. 

 Your Instagram profile description is the section of your bio just underneath your Instagram name. You only have a maximum of 150 characters available so it’s important that you use this space strategically in order to attract the right followers, that is people who are genuinely interested in you, your business, and your service or product.  The first line of your description should include your help statement. This is a one-sentence statement that explains WHO you serve, HOW you serve them, and WHAT problem you solve or benefit you provide.

This is why it’s CRUCIAL that you have a deep understanding of WHO your ideal client or customer is, what STRUGGLES they have, and what their biggest DESIRE is. I do have a free Instagram strategy planner that you can download that will help you plan out who your ideal customer is as well as create an Instagram strategy that gets you real results. I’ll leave it linked in the description for this episode if you want to check it out. Let’s take a look at our bridal hairstylist example again. Their help statement might read something like this: Helping brides look and feel beautiful by creating their dream wedding hair. 

This statement clearly explains:

  • WHO they help – brides
  • WHAT benefit their service provide – to look and feel and feel beautiful
  • HOW they help –  by creating their dream wedding hair. 

You can see how this simple statement will instantly attract ideal clients to this Instagram page. So now that you have your help statement, what else should you include in your description? 

Since you only have limited space, decide on what will be most appealing to your ideal client or customer. This might be a special offer you have, a sale you’re running, the location you service or impressive credentials you have.  Using the bridal hairstylist example, you might add, Servicing the Sydney and The  South Coast or maybe, you might include credentials like “over 10 years of experience” or “Featured in Vogue Weddings” You get the point here. Think about what you have to offer and what will be most of interest to your dream client or customer. 

The last thing you should include in your description, this one is crucially important, is a call to action explaining clearly what you want your client or customer to do. In the bridal hairstylist example, this might be landing more bookings in which case their CTA could be “Book now for 2023” with an arrow pointing down to their booking link. Side note and bonus tip, Always make sure you add a website to your profile. This can be done by simply clicking the edit profile button and adding your link in the website field. This call to action is key for converting followers into clients and customers for your business. 

5. Add story highlights that feature the most important information about your business. 

Instagram story highlights live permanently on your profile, unlike regular stories which disappear after 24 hours. They’re located just underneath your Instagram description and are a fantastic tool to showcase the most important information about your business. Story highlights are used to curate your best collections of stories that your followers can access at any time. Because of their prime location on your profile, they should be used strategically to direct followers to your most interesting and engaging content. So what should you include in your story highlights? I like to create highlights for those items that would appear on my website’s menu. Usually, this would be an “about me” story sequence, along with services or product features, FAQs, customer reviews, business accolades, and anything else you think will entice your ideal customer. 

When someone lands on your Instagram profile, you want to showcase your highest-value content that gives them a reason to follow you and ultimately work with you!

If you found value in today’s episode and are looking for more tailored help with your Instagram marketing please feel free to reach out to me via Instagram DM or click the link in the description to book a strategy call with me where you can learn more about how I help other business owners leverage Instagram to stand out as experts and land more dream clients and customers. 

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